Charitable Purposes and Activities

Health and Healing

The Journey of Healing Foundation intends to promote health and healing from addiction by providing sponsorships, financial support and monetary stipends (directly or indirectly) to deserving individuals seeking treatment for addiction and mental health challenges.


We’re working alongside local reputable addiction and wellness centers, who can help us identify individuals who are in need of treatment, but cannot afford treatment at facilities. A rigorous qualification process is in place to determine if an individual is qualified to receive assistance.

Relieve Poverty

The Journey of Healing Foundation intends to relieve poverty by providing food and other basic amenities to those who can’t afford them.


  • We regularly collaborate with soup kitchens in BC, and our volunteers donate their time to take part in soup kitchen facilities provided by local establishments and community centers.
  • Our volunteers organize excursions to impoverished areas of Vancouver, such as the DTES (Downtown Eastside), to provide free lunches and dinners to the poor, and educate individuals on the use of medical techniques and devices. This includes Naloxone kits and medications that can reverse the effects of opioid overdose— a growing epidemic in our province.


The Journey of Healing Foundation intends to educate and spread the knowledge of addiction and mental health issues by hosting, organizing and producing seminars, TV and radio shows, training programs, courses, lectures and classes for the public, and those affected by addiction and mental health conditions.


  • To ensure access is available for everyone, we provide all courses and lectures free-of-charge, ran by our team of volunteers.
  • To help increase public awareness and reach as many people as possible, we fund and produce TV documentaries and radio programs on addiction and mental health that run on local TV and radio stations.